Pretty Little Liars Season Finale

This show is the reason I have trust issues. Episode after episode the characters are put through things I can only describe as some pretty weird stuff. I mean, who ends up on a train in a coffin with a dead body next to them? Or trapped in a kiln? Or stuck an old ice cream factory freezer? It’s so bizzare. I don’t know what to expect this week but I’m 100% sure it will just be more of the same.

If you’re a 15-25 year old girl, chances are you watch Pretty Little Liars. (If you’re not, then please disregard this post!) I personally watch the show, but hate it! The show has been dragged on for way too long now, with plot holes and huge questions that will probably never be answered. But tonight the writers have promised to finally reveal A’s identity! I kind of doubt that they will, but you never know.

My only logical guess for who A is, is Jason. He has been around since the beginning and has a pretty good motive for hating all of the girls and Allison. The only problem with this is that two other member of the N.A.T. club (that Jason was also a part of) were killed. It could have been Jason covering his tracks but at this point, anything goes in this show.


Comment below if you have any ideas about who A could be or any thought about the season finale tonight!